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Game Theory: Viral

Added: 27 Nov 2023

Turner and Robinson embrace their dark side in Viral to play the bad guys.

One indivisible truth?

Added: 27 Nov 2023

The European Medicines Agency’s vision of a single source of truth for clinical trial information f…

Lab Babble: Swan’s Goosey gander

Added: 20 Nov 2023

Success is never guaranteed, we need to reward doggedness and chance, Russ Swan reminds us.

Achieving an animal free IHC

Added: 13 Nov 2023

With alternative technologies available, we should be seeking antibody alternatives that avoid the …

Building scientific communities

Added: 6 Nov 2023

The pandemic delivered a temporary setback to the face-to-face conference but spurred interest in h…

CGI signs three year Royal Institution Christmas Lectures deal

Added: 29 Oct 2023

The Royal Institution (Ri) has launched a three-year agreement with business consultancy CGI as the…

Quantum of challenge

Added: 16 Oct 2023

Its market value will soon be measured in billions, yet quantum computing has yet to reach a market…


Turing helps connect swimming sperm with zebra stripes

Added: 16 Oct 2023

What is the connection between swimming sperm and the spots on a leopard or the stripes on a zebra?…

Lab Innovations 2023: sustainable solvent selection

Added: 9 Oct 2023

While much discussion around sustainability has focused on the energy efficiency of instruments and…

Attoseconds, quantum dots and mRNA secure Nobel science prizes

Added: 5 Oct 2023

Two researchers hailed by judges for their contributions to the “unprecedented” rate of vaccine dev…

Material concerns

Added: 2 Oct 2023

After the Titan tragedy, Russ Swan calls for more science, less reckless conjecture.

Top brands and rising stars lead Lab Awards 2023 shortlist

Added: 25 Sep 2023

Many of the best known brands and names in the laboratory sector, together with rising stars, are o…

Sheffield scientists aid steel city to lead sector’s transition to greener fuel

Added: 24 Sep 2023

Sheffield's place as a steel industry pioneer could receive a renewed boost as it prepares to lead …

Making a meal of it

Added: 18 Sep 2023

Insect farming’s potential value to the future of food supply has been well documented. As ever, th…

Informed consent: Maximising compliance and minimising risk

Added: 12 Sep 2023

While the principle of participant consent is better appreciated in clinical research today than in…

Water, the source of (lab) life

Added: 11 Sep 2023

When it comes to laboratory liquid, there’s just nothing that can top the peerless H20, argues Matt…

Nottingham uni spin-out secures UKRI £1 million for gene therapy tech

Added: 6 Sep 2023

University of Nottingham spin-outTherageniX and collaborator the University of Nottingham, have bee…

100 Technicians share Hauksbee Award honours

Added: 4 Sep 2023

One hundred technicians working in a range of sectors and campaigning to raise their profession’s p…

Quantum go-‘slow’ allows first view of chemical process

Added: 29 Aug 2023

Sydney university researchers have scored a scientific first by employing a quantum computer to obs…

Van Leeuwenhoek's rich legacy endures three centuries on

Added: 24 Aug 2023

He may have been a late starter in the field with which his name is indelibly associated but Antony…