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Lab Babble: Swan’s Goosey gander

Added: 20 Nov 2023

Success is never guaranteed, we need to reward doggedness and chance, Russ Swan reminds us.

Physicists say magnets offer room temperature quantum computing

Added: 16 Oct 2023

While quantum computing technology may have the potential to solve complex problems at an unprecede…

Sheffield scientists aid steel city to lead sector’s transition to greener fuel

Added: 24 Sep 2023

Sheffield's place as a steel industry pioneer could receive a renewed boost as it prepares to lead …

Pistoia survey reveals AI is top tech investment for life sciences

Added: 20 Sep 2023

AI and Machine Learning will be the top tech investment for life science companies over the next tw…

Relief from scientific community greets Horizon Europe deal

Added: 8 Sep 2023

UK readmission to Horizon Europe and the Copernicus programme has been greeted with widespread reli…

Game Theory: Ocean Pods

Added: 4 Sep 2023

Leicestershire-based Molinarius Games has a water focus. So how does its Ocean Pods board game meas…

Cycling to zero

Added: 4 Sep 2023

Images of workplace pollution and waste usually focus on heavy industry but ignore the sizeable con…

100 Technicians share Hauksbee Award honours

Added: 4 Sep 2023

One hundred technicians working in a range of sectors and campaigning to raise their profession’s p…

Quantum go-‘slow’ allows first view of chemical process

Added: 29 Aug 2023

Sydney university researchers have scored a scientific first by employing a quantum computer to obs…

UEA coastal erosion project will test new tech’s predictive powers

Added: 13 Aug 2023

One of the counties most at risk from coastal erosion will provide the location for a technological…

Tax crackdown heralds new R&D relief headaches

Added: 13 Aug 2023

Science research and development tax relief applications will now face an extra hurdle thanks to ne…

NPL clock watchers hit the big time

Added: 6 Aug 2023

Britain’s National Physical Laboratory is celebrating a major achievement by its scientists with th…

Look beyond the Horizon

Added: 3 Aug 2023

While many scientists are keen to see the UK back in the Horizon Europe programme, Professor Brian …

Breakthrough recognition for science publishing’s invisible co-reviewers

Added: 25 Jun 2023

One of the science world’s leading publishers is taking a stand on behalf of hundreds of young rese…

Concern as India cuts back on school science teaching

Added: 4 Jun 2023

India’s education training authority has caused alarm with its decision to remove some key elements…

The industrial lab: at line or end of line?

Added: 15 May 2023

Sustainability, market pressures and tech innovation are impacting the chemicals and materials sect…

UKRI minimum stipend to rise to £18.6k for academic year

Added: 6 May 2023

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has said its minimum stipend for funded doctoral students’ living…

Health in the round

Added: 2 May 2023

In the second of our features on key talks from the recent Lab Innovations’ My Green Lab/Laboratory…

‘Robocarp’ makes splash with motion breakthrough 

Added: 28 Apr 2023

A coil-powered robot fish designed by scientists at the University of Bristol could enhance underwa…

Treasury opts for stealth to ‘announce’ takeback of £1.6 bill EU Horizon funds

Added: 23 Feb 2023

Some £1.6 billion in funds allocated for scientific research has been taken back by the Treasury.