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‘Potash price rise undermines global food security’ warning

Added: 25 Feb 2024

Rising prices for potash across the globe are creating a threat to the level of global food securit…

Lab disaster destroys Karolinska samples worth millions

Added: 11 Feb 2024

Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institutet has launched an investigation after a malfunctioning fre…

Anglo-Norwegian study casts light on treatment resistant bacteria

Added: 4 Feb 2024

A study comparing the UK and Norway over two decades, has concluded that antibiotic use may drive a…

Modern microscopy identifies Dutch master’s £175k handiwork

Added: 21 Dec 2023

A microscope discovered by chance in a house clearance has been authenticated as the work of ‘the f…

Azenta’s Oxford genomics lab to open in March

Added: 21 Dec 2023

Azenta Life Sciences has selected Oxford as the location for its state of the art genomics lab open…

Therapy ‘alters immune cells’ to fight unresponsive tumours

Added: 10 Dec 2023

Finnish researchers say they have discovered how a new cancer therapy can alter the function of imm…

First phase of Oxford’s new 1 million sq. ft lab district begins

Added: 27 Nov 2023

Laing O’Rourke will begin the initial phase of Oxford North’s £700 million new innovation district,…

DEFRA data share essential to pandemic preparation urges expert

Added: 27 Nov 2023

Non-healthcare bodies such as DEFRA need to collaborate more fully with healthcare organisations in…

Newly launched firm secures £4.3 million seed funding to target drug-resistant bacteria

Added: 19 Nov 2023

Glox Therapeutics, a company developing precision antibiotic therapies, has raised £4.3 million in … Drilling down – or boring?

Added: 30 Oct 2023

If you find a subject dull, time to shoot the messenger, says Matthew Partridge.

Genomics summit speaker calls for radical thinking to aid millions of rare disease patients

Added: 16 Oct 2023

Hope is not lost for the thousands of individuals dealing with rare or undiagnosed diseases, urged …

Agents of change

Added: 9 Oct 2023

We have previously focused on the importance of diagnostic collaboration in combating TB. This time…

Second malaria vaccine brings significant advance in scale

Added: 5 Oct 2023

The development of a second effective malaria vaccine has been hailed as a significant step forward…

Universities share UKRI ‘s £13 mill AI for health fund

Added: 13 Aug 2023

Secretary of State for Science and Technology Michelle Donelan announced £13 million-worth of fundi…

Study reveals flu pandemics’ 20 year long tail

Added: 18 Jun 2023

New analysis of historic data from the previous two centuries suggests that influenza pandemics cre…

Pirbright virus programmes receive quarter share of new £0.3 billion research funding

Added: 29 May 2023

Nearly a quarter of a £0.37 billion new scientific funding package has been awarded to one of the U…

Royal Assent opens door to gene edited food in UK 

Added: 29 Mar 2023

The granting of Royal Assent for the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act has finally opened…

‘Ramp up diagnostic techniques or risk Avian flu spill-over’

Added: 26 Mar 2023

The co-founder of healthtech company Pictura Bio says the UK’s diagnostic testing capacity is not s…

Birmingham obesity research could herald novel therapy

Added: 12 Mar 2023

The PEPITEM immunopeptide could help combat the risk of obesity-related diseases including type 2 d…

First female Chief Scientific Adviser Dame Angela set to assume role in weeks

Added: 23 Feb 2023

Newly-appointed Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) Professor Dame Angela McLean will take o…