Doing the walk of life

Levy Walk

For 50 million years, animals have used the same food foraging techniques suggests research from the University of Southampton.

Hope for sufferers of rare childhood disease

Joubert Syndrome

Scientists as Newcastle University have taken the first step toward treating the rare childhood disease Joubert Syndrome.

Svalbard reindeer numbers on the rise

Climatology Svalbard reindeer

In an unexpected twist, climate change is having a positive effect on the Norwegian reindeers of Svalbard.

Snapshot of photosynthesis reveals process

photosynthesis green energy

Femtosecond snapshots of photosynthetic water oxidation have enabled researchers to understand how the process works.

Glacial microbes affect albedo

Stefanie Lutz (centre) and Professor Liane G. Benning (left) collecting a biofilm sample on the Mittivakkat Glacier in Greenland. Credit: Stefanie Lutz, Professor Liane G. Benning and Dr Alexandre Anesio

Microbes drastically reduce the surface reflectivity of glaciers and have a non-negligible impact on the amount of sunlight reflected into space suggests the first ecological study of an entire glacier.

Polymorphism increases risk of stroke and heart attack

polymorphism stroke heart attack

A genetic variant found in platelets is associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack researchers from King’s College London have found.

DNA replication fork visualised

DNA replication fork

An American team have built the first model to decipher what goes on at the ‘replication fork’ during DNA duplication.

New finding challenges belief dinosaurs evolved from birds

Scansoriopteryx bird dinosaur

A sparrow-sized fossil from China challenges the commonly held belief that birds evolved from ground-dwelling theropod dinosaurs that developed the ability to fly.

Protein pocket could lead to new treatment for Fragile X


A pocket found in the structure of a protein linked to genetic disorder Fragile X Syndrome could herald a new generation of treatments for the condition.

Willetts leaves post in cabinet reshuffle

David Willetts

David Willetts will no longer hold his post as Minister of State for Universities and Science in David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle.

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