Rock breaking research offers insight into fracking


In a ground breaking discovery, geologists have discovered what else escapes from fractured shale other than methane.

Fast-tracked Ebola vaccine to enter trials

Ebola virus immune system

A potential vaccine against the Zaire species of Ebola, which has currently claimed 1,550 lives in West Africa, is to be tested on healthy patients in the UK and US.

Epigenetic changes play role in Alzheimer’s

Alzheimers epigenetics

Researchers say they have amassed some of the strongest evidence yet to show that epigenetic changes have a role to play in Alzheimer’s disease.

Van der Waals prevents asteroid spinning apart

Asteroid gravity vanderwaals

A near-Earth asteroid rotates so quickly that it defies gravity and is held together by van der Waals cohesive forces, a phenomenon never before seen on an asteroid.

Ancient shellfish provide clues to El Niño history

shellfish reveal el nino history

New insight into the El Niño Southern Oscillation has been provided by 25-foot piles of ancient shellfish remains.

Self-assembly robots that walk away

Self-Folding Robots electronics

A combination of origami and electronic engineering has led to the development of a robot that simply folds itself up and walks away.

Silicene promise for electronics

(a) Filled-states STM topograph giving a bird's eye view of a multilayer silicene film (~10 MLs) grown at 470 K covering the entire scanned area in a single orientation, as indicated by the arrows; (b) zoom-in showing the honeycomb surface structure of each terrace. Courtesy of IOP Publishing

Thick multilayers of silicene can remain intact when exposed to air for at least 24 hours, making it a promising material for the electronic industry.

How Ebola blocks immune system

Ebola virus immune system

American researchers have developed a detailed map of the Ebola protein VP24, which has revealed how the virus dodges the body’s antiviral defences – an insight which could lead to new therapies.

Thin-film technique for delivering pain medication

Pain film drug delivery

For those who suffer chronic pain, frequent pill popping helps ease the discomfort but a new advanced thin-film capable of delivering drugs over a period of months could provide an alternative.

Treating cancer with wasp venom

Wasp venom cancer

Wasp venom is proving to be a novel source of inspiration for a new therapy for breast cancer.

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