Rare particle decay web image

Rare particle decay found

After the four years of analysis of LHC data, scientists at CERN have detected a rare decay of a particle known as B0s particle.

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Blood test can predict future breast cancer

Scientists have discovered that a method known as biocontour profiling can predict breast cancer.

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Smartphones to predict earthquakes

Geophysicists have discovered that GPS sensors in smartphones could be used as an earthquake warning system.

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Just what colour is time?

Colour has been discovered to be a reliable sensory mechanism for telling the time of day.

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Electromagnetic waves web

Metamaterial hails efficient wireless power transfer

By using metasurfaces rather than antennas, scientists created an electromagnetic energy collector that can achieve full absorption of waves.

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Biotech crowdfunding with bite

Crowdfunding is becoming de rigueur for many enterprising small businesses – but is it really a...

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Biology gets the blues

The UK has an enviable legacy when it comes to biological research…but do we...


A vehicle for change

Graphene – wonder material it maybe – but there are many challenges to...


Quantum computing – a real gem

It’s a symbol of love, success and wealth, but the colour centers that make a...

Genomic feature

From genomic revolution to healthcare revolution

Genomic testing will inevitably become common medical practice says Richard...

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A head for identification

There is a need for techniques that can assist crime scene investigators in...

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Are we living through the seventh mass extinction event?

Mass extinctions…they are a bit like buses. You wait an epoch for one, then two come along at once.

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Efficient cell disruption

RETSCH’s mixer mill MM 400 is a true multi-purpose mill in the lab: it is...

Mini Serological Pipettes

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Easy specimen transport system

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