Podiatry experts hit high demand

The demand for forensic podiatry expertise has increased significantly since the 1990s. 

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Double dome points to largest asteroid impact

The world’s largest asteroid impact zone – invisible at the earth’s surface – has been found in central Australia.

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Mini-lungs to help the study of cystic fibrosis

By using stem cells, scientists have created what they refer to as mini-lungs to aid cystic fibrosis studies.

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Recovering destroyed metal serial numbers

A peak below the surface…

Scientists have designed a technique for recovering destroyed serial numbers on metal objects.

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Ganymede web

Underground ocean found on Jupiter’s largest moon

Scientists have used a new approach to find evidence for a subsurface saltwater ocean on Jupiter’s largest moon.

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Going out on a LIM to improve food safety

The stringent standards expected of food production are vital to ensure safety,  but compliance...

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Unlocking innovation in austere times

In the current climate of tightening budgets and complex relationships...

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The flying squad! Designer drugs and how to beat them

New ‘designer drugs’ are constantly emerging, and this presents increased...

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An intimate solution

Kimberley Bexon takes us through a new approach to tackle sexual assaults...

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The print revolution

Nanoparticles could well be the future of fingermark detection. Not only do...

ISPs Data Center

The journey to the exascale

So much of modern science has become reliant on the correct processing and...

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Science – the world’s best diplomat?

Later this year we should see a remarkable event taking place. All being well, scientists and engineers will see ‘first light’ at a synchrotron facility known as Sesame.

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Next-gen mini spectrometer

Ocean Optics has launched a spectrometer range that combines decades of...

Findenser “fantastic innovation”

In 2014 the State of California was in the midst of an unprecedented drought...

Chorus makes a spectacle

Veolia has supplied a new PURELAB Chorus 3 water purification system to...

New spectrophotometer models

Spectronic Camspec manufacturers the market leading range of UV/Visible...

Durable identification

Laboratory samples face a series of tough conditions.

Pink pipette controller

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched PIPETGIRL – a new pink version of its...

Screw-cap tube handling

The X-TubeProcessor automates screw-cap tube handling tasks and eliminates...
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