Ebola virus immune system

Fast-tracked Ebola vaccine to enter trials

A potential vaccine against the Zaire species of Ebola, which has currently claimed 1,550 lives in West Africa, is to be tested on healthy patients in the UK and US.

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Alzheimers epigenetics

Epigenetic changes play role in Alzheimer’s

Researchers say they have amassed some of the strongest evidence yet to show that epigenetic changes have a role to play in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Asteroid gravity vanderwaals

Van der Waals prevents asteroid spinning apart

A near-Earth asteroid rotates so quickly that it defies gravity and is held together by van der Waals cohesive forces, a phenomenon never before seen on an asteroid.

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shellfish reveal el nino history

Ancient shellfish provide clues to El Niño history

New insight into the El Niño Southern Oscillation has been provided by 25-foot piles of ancient shellfish remains.

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Self-Folding Robots electronics

Self-assembly robots that walk away

A combination of origami and electronic engineering has led to the development of a robot that simply folds itself up and walks away.

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CGBS web

Finding the needle

Bob Newport, Professor of Materials Physics at the University of Kent, has nominated the work of...


The longest microfluidic device in the world?

A new generation of miniaturised microfluidic devices is set to make...


The chemistry of conservation

We find out why chemistry is vital in preserving whale skeletons at the...

Lab design adaptable lab

How to be adaptable

Adrian Gainer explains what it takes to build the perfect adaptable laboratory

Ethics right wrong

Right/wrong: The blurred lines of ethical publishing

The pressure to publish and the power struggle of paper authorships are very...

animal testing mouse

Curbing our animal instinct: How 3R technology is aiming at superiority

From stem cells to human-on-a-chip devices, opportunities for applying the...

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A hot button issue

It is, and I think will remain so for some time to come, the hottest of hot button issues. A subject which has polarised the general public, policy makers and the scientific community alike. I talk, of course, about the use of animals in medical research.

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Laboratory automation

The pathology laboratory at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust is the first site in...

Molecular extraction kit

The French medical diagnostics supplier, Biocentric, is the latest company to...

Innovative water laboratory

Degrémont will rebrand and relaunch its innovative laboratory this month,...

Lab automation solutions

Tecan has introduced the Fluent laboratory automation solution, the latest...

RAININ catalogue available

The new RAININ 2014/15 catalogue is now available from Anachem. 

Efficient particle sizing

The new Air Sizer 200 is ideal for sieving very fine dry particles, which...

Laboratory aspiration system

INTEGRA has published a new video testimonial in which researchers at the...
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