Intergalactic wind

The answer is in the intergalactic wind

Astronomers have observed the first direct evidence that an intergalactic “wind” is stripping galaxies of star-forming gas as they fall into clusters of galaxies.

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Climate models

Gee-whiz science yields high res climate models

A climate scientist has used the powerful supercomputers at Berkeley Laboratory to carry out ‘gee-whiz science’, producing high resolution models predicting extreme storms caused by climate change.

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Mary Rose Hatch

Mary Rose dog male, not female

The smallest member of the crew on board the Mary Rose – a dog named Hatch – was a he and not a she as previously believed.

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Philae finds organics on comet

Philae detected organic molecules on the surface of comet 67P before it went into hibernation scientists have confirmed.

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wass 478017951

Smart drugs impair the healthy

Smart drugs won’t make smart people smarter suggests new research from the University of Nottingham; instead it could impair their performance.

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Regs cert

Making the most of waste

Waste can be a goldmine and laboratory testing is the best way to take advantage of this, but –...

Glove H&S

Getting a handle on the right gloves

Nick Gardner explores hand protection and chemical hazards in molecular biology

ozone repair

The dark side of ozone recovery

A recent statement by UNEP/WMO has claimed the size of the ozone hole is...

microbiology TB

TB or not TB? How NGS will win the battle against drug-resistance

The stats on TB are deeply worrying: one–third of the world’s current...

proteomics map

A quartet of proteomic surprises…

The draft map of the Human proteome is just the beginning of our...

green jujitsu

‘Green Jujitsu’ – the key to sustainability?

The pressure for laboratories to be sustainable is becoming ever stronger –...

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The ‘omics’ revolution

The ‘omics’ revolution that has taken place in biology over the last few decades promises to yield so much. Yet undoubtedly we will have to wait a while before this promise is kept.

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Magnetic bioseparations

AMSBIO announces MagSi-Direct – a revolutionary technology that brings...

Cell and molecular separation

The recently launched CellSep Advanced kit, for use in combination with the...

Quantitative image cytometer

Preston based Image Solutions (UK) Ltd have just launched the first of its...

Serial dilution accessory

INTEGRA has introduced a Row Dilution Plate Holder accessory for its VIAFLO...

Low retention pipette tips

RAININ’s new LR Low Retention pipette tips are now available from Anachem.

New alpha+ Pipettes

For unsurpassed pipetting accuracy at a very affordable price you can’t beat...

NGS sample preparation

Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO NGS workstation to simplify...
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