Sour milk mystery unravelled

After 60 years of research, scientists have found the reason why milk turns sour when exposed to sunlight.

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Bacteria web

Bacteria in high resolution

Scientists have captured the first high resolution X-ray image of living bacteria.

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Origin of new lineages of human AIDS discovered

Two new lineages of the virus which causes AIDS have been found to originate from western lowland gorillas.

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Funding for quantum engineers

Funding for quantum engineer training

Following the Chancellor’s budget announcement, the government is committing up to £15 million to train the next generation of quantum engineers.

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Seeing real time bond formation

Researchers have visualised real time bond formation in an entire chemical reaction.

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How to solve the funding puzzle…

The biggest challenge facing start-ups and science SMEs? It has to be funding. Here, Dr Geoff...

CO seems to play a role in the functioning of glial cells, like these astrocytes, and could even act as an endogenous signalling molecule in the brain. Credit: Bruno Pascal

From villain to hero

‘The dose makes the poison’ goes the adage, but could it be so for carbon...


Is it time to go public?

Mike King, an economist based at the National Physical Laboratory explores...

Publick health featured image

The difficulties of defining ‘moderate’ drinking

Last year, national newspapers ran a story suggesting that drinking a bottle...

Cell Biology

The big squeeze

The physical properties of proteins, so vital for cellular function, are...

The ethical scrutiny of mitochondrial transfer started well before the technique was ready for use

After the vote was over, after the count was done….

Dr Geoff Watts, who chaired the Nuffield Council on Bioethics Working Party...

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Are we making money from Ebola?

Marketing buzz-words are, sadly, a staple of modern life. And it’s a staple that is often served up in the world of scientific equipment.

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NanoZoomer slide scanner

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the NanoZoomer SQ; the latest addition to the...

Benchtop lab autoclaves

Everything about Priorclave C40 benchtop laboratory autoclaves is designed to...

Tips Challenge

We will beat any of your tips prices or give you a box free. Contact us for a...

Chemical-resistant lab furniture

A brand new range of chemical-resistant lab furniture has been unveiled by...

Detection of C. difficile

The portfolio of CE-IVD certified molecular diagnostic tests of Greiner...

Next-gen mini spectrometer

Ocean Optics has launched a spectrometer range that combines decades of...

MS optimised HPLC columns

ACE UltraCore SuperC18 has been specifically designed for demanding MS...
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