Star dust key for life in the universe

New research demonstrates how star dust – the remnants of exploded stars – plays a role in the formation of life-supporting planets.

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star age

New method for establishing the age of stars

After measuring the spin of 30 stars, astronomers have found a way to use rotation and mass in order to derive their precise ages. 

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cancer cell

Earth science takes on breast cancer

Earth scientists have developed a method of zinc detection in breast tissue that they hope will allow early breast cancer diagnosis.

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standard ruler

Easier measurement of cosmos with ‘standard ruler’

Researchers have used data from astronomical surveys to measure large distances in the Universe rather than theoretical calculations.

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Computer model offers clues for reward based behaviours

Scientists have developed computer models to demonstrate the selective brain actions triggered by reward.

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Tweaking your ‘procurement engine’ – will your lab benefit?

Brand management is giving way to supply chain management in public sector laboratory purchasing...

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The wonder stuff – How peptide hydrogels could change the face of biomedicine

With a list of characteristics and applications long enough to make most...

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A new lease of life

When a large scientific company decides to leave a manufacturing or R&D...

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The perfect couple

The ongoing process of developing new therapeutic drugs has driven research...

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The all seeing AI

Stephen Hawking and other high profile scientists have recently issuing stark...


Access all areas: How NMR made it to the benchtop

As nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy moves to the benchtop, John Paul...

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Why did you become a scientist?

I ask because at the tail end of last year the Government published the much anticipated science and innovation strategy outlining how much money it will spend on science over the next decade. All in the name of building and sustaining a knowledge economy.

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Fast-track diagnostics

Fast-track diagnostics, a global leader in the design, development and...

Safety workstation

Bigneat announces Optiflow, a new style of safety workstation.

Easy PCR set-up

Researchers at the National Institute for Environmental Protection and...

RNA and protein detection

eBioscience, an Affymetrix business, announces the availability of PrimeFlow...

Accidents happen

Health and Safety Executive reports show that over 70 incidents at...

Water purification system

Purite, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced water purification...

Resins, linkers and compounds

Matrix Innovation, a world leader in the development of speciality resins,...
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