Joubert Syndrome

Hope for sufferers of rare childhood disease

Scientists as Newcastle University have taken the first step toward treating the rare childhood disease Joubert Syndrome.

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Climatology Svalbard reindeer

Svalbard reindeer numbers on the rise

In an unexpected twist, climate change is having a positive effect on the Norwegian reindeers of Svalbard.

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photosynthesis green energy

Snapshot of photosynthesis reveals process

Femtosecond snapshots of photosynthetic water oxidation have enabled researchers to understand how the process works.

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Stefanie Lutz (centre) and Professor Liane G. Benning (left) collecting a biofilm sample on the Mittivakkat Glacier in Greenland. Credit: Stefanie Lutz, Professor Liane G. Benning and Dr Alexandre Anesio

Glacial microbes affect albedo

Microbes drastically reduce the surface reflectivity of glaciers and have a non-negligible impact on the amount of sunlight reflected into space suggests the first ecological study of an entire glacier.

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polymorphism stroke heart attack

Polymorphism increases risk of stroke and heart attack

A genetic variant found in platelets is associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack researchers from King’s College London have found.

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Stopping the air from turning blue

Stopping the air from turning blue

Concerns are being raised that some biofuel crops may increase the production of a climate...

fracking software LIMS

Data management – the key to safe fracking?

Over the last few years, rapid technology developments related to fracking...

flavour analysis mouth

A taste for flavour characterisation

Flavour and aroma analysis is important to many industries, from the obvious...

A standard solution for atmospheric science

A standard solution for atmospheric science

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have produced the...

A gap in the clouds web

A gap in the clouds

While much of our climate is well characterised and modelled, there is...

Water purification assay

Fit for purpose?

Almost every laboratory experiment and diagnostic assay relies on using pure...

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Synthetic biology; learning the language of nature

It was, I suppose, inevitable that we would reach this point.

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Technical work seating

Techsit Ltd are launching the exciting werksitz range of technical work...

Blood gas training app

Downloadable free of charge from the App Store, the “Blood Gas – Learn your...

Efficiency of replication

The Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes (IGDR), France reports on...

Molecular extraction kit

The French medical diagnostics supplier, Biocentric, is the latest company to...

Autoclaves improve efficiency

The RSC 350 laboratory autoclave from specialist autoclave manufacturer...

pH meter and thermometer

The new 8100 Plus pH meter kit is supplied with everything you need to take...

New dimensions in polarimetry

Anton Paar, technology leader in polarimetry, launches the compact MCP 100...
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