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Early detection of liver disease ‘non-existent’

Leading medical experts have warned that early detection of liver disease by GPs in the UK is “virtually non-existent”.

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New particles found as CERN make data publicly available

CERN has announced that the LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has found two new particles in the baryon family. The organisation – celebrating its 60th anniversary – has also launched its Open Data Portal, making real collision events from LHC experiments available to all. More »

Floating mammospheres containing breast cancer stem cells

Treating cancer by draining its fuel tank

Mitochondria fuelled by related proteins are key to promoting the proliferative expansion and survival of cancer stem cells. Draining their fuel could form the basis of new ways of treating the disease. More »

gravity big bang

Did gravity save the universe after the Big Bang?

The universe did not collapse immediately after the Big Bang and a team of European physicists might be able to explain why.

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dual sensors

New sensor for MRI and fluorescent imaging

Nanoparticles capable of simultaneously performing fluorescent and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in living animals have been developed by chemists at MIT.

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Drug delivery vehicle

Stand and deliver – effective antisense delivery

Before we can fully take advantage of antisense therapeutics, we first need to effectively...

Regs cert

Making the most of waste

Waste can be a goldmine and laboratory testing is the best way to take...

Glove H&S

Getting a handle on the right gloves

Nick Gardner explores hand protection and chemical hazards in molecular biology

ozone repair

The dark side of ozone recovery

A recent statement by UNEP/WMO has claimed the size of the ozone hole is...

microbiology TB

TB or not TB? How NGS will win the battle against drug-resistance

The stats on TB are deeply worrying: one–third of the world’s current...

proteomics map

A quartet of proteomic surprises…

The draft map of the Human proteome is just the beginning of our...

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The ‘omics’ revolution

The ‘omics’ revolution that has taken place in biology over the last few decades promises to yield so much. Yet undoubtedly we will have to wait a while before this promise is kept.

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Magnetic bioseparations

AMSBIO announces MagSi-Direct – a revolutionary technology that brings...

Cell and molecular separation

The recently launched CellSep Advanced kit, for use in combination with the...

Quantitative image cytometer

Preston based Image Solutions (UK) Ltd have just launched the first of its...

Serial dilution accessory

INTEGRA has introduced a Row Dilution Plate Holder accessory for its VIAFLO...

Low retention pipette tips

RAININ’s new LR Low Retention pipette tips are now available from Anachem.

New alpha+ Pipettes

For unsurpassed pipetting accuracy at a very affordable price you can’t beat...

NGS sample preparation

Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO NGS workstation to simplify...
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