CD8 T cells immune response

CD8 T cells in in for the long haul

Like soldiers trained for a specific mission, CD8 T cells become tuned to fighting an exact pathogen but rather than bail out once the job is done, they stay in service fending off other invaders. CD8 T cells are a key part of the adaptive immune system, but also form part of the body’s innate

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herpes virus liquid DNA

Liquid DNA behind virus attacks

New studies show viruses convert their DNA into liquid form to be injected into host cells, findings which could lead to new therapies that avoid resistance.

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Fire at UEA chemistry lab

A fire has broken out in a third floor chemistry laboratory at the University of East Anglia.

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Floppy proteins linked to ALS

A loss of protein stability has been linked to muscle-destroying disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by American researchers.

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Combating drug resistance in melanoma

‘Breadcrumb trail’ helps melanoma spread

Just like Hansel and Gretel followed the trail of breadcrumbs to the witch’s house, melanoma cells follow the trail of a naturally-occurring molecule allowing it to metastasise in the body.

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Putting tax back in its box

If you or your company hold a patent on a scientific innovation then Rhian Osborne thinks the...

Fertility procedure

Revealing the secrets of a successful embryo

It is estimated that one in seven couples will experience some difficulty...

publishing altmetrics

Just how far reaching is your research?

As the pressure grows to show the wider implications and impact of scientific...

Typical scientist

The enduring cliché…

Quentin Cooper discusses why the traditional image of the scientist is...

magma flow

Making magma crystal clear

Precious metal deposits, volcanic super-eruptions and even mass extinction...

Nuclear power

Geriatric nuclear power plants deserve our respect

Nuclear power in the UK received a boost in June. A deal was agreed with the...

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Respect in the face of desolation

Tunneling through mountains, creating entire islands where once open ocean dominated, razing swathes of forest  – this is big engineering to meet big ambition; engineering which many would class as a defining characteristic of human kind.

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Mobile, adjustable cleanroom unit

A unique new product is set to minimise the costs associated with drug...

Chromatrap solid state ChIP

An informative video interview with Professor Steve Conlan of the College of...

Bench top autoclave

Now part of the standard range of Priorclave compact benchtop autoclaves is...

Benchtop freeze dryer

he AdVantage Pro is a new laboratory freeze dryer that combines development...

DNA collection and purification

Isohelix, the UK-based developer of innovative high quality DNA sampling and...

Row dilution plate holder

INTEGRA has introduced a Row Dilution Plate Holder accessory for its VIAFLO...

Sustainibility award

A £250,000 carbon reduction project by UK based world–leading electronic...
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