Two pyroclastic vents on the floor of Mercury’s Kipling crater, top, would likely not have survived the impact; they are more recent. The false colour image of the same spot marks pyroclastic material as brownish red.

Ancient Mercury’s volcanic past

Volcanoes exploded on Mercury for a large proportion of the planet’s history according to detailed data from Messenger.

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Human embryonic stem cells growing in the hydrogel

Hydrogel could simplify regenerative medicine

A new stem cell microenvironment created by researchers at the University of Nottingham allows the self-renewal of cells and then their evolution into heart cells.

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Google Glass Explorer Edition; augmented reality head mounted display as glass form Credit Wikipedia/Tedeytan

Google Glass could aid Parkinson’s patients

Next generation wearable technology like Google Glass could be used as an assistive aid for those with the neurological condition Parkinson’s disease say researchers from Newcastle University’s Digital Interaction Group.

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New Young Scientist Award announced

The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) has announced the New Young Scientist Award which recognises a significant contribution to improving the preanalytical phase.

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CGBS web

Celebrating Great British Science; we want your ideas!

What do you think is the greatest scientific breakthrough made on British shores? Is it Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA, or Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s discovery of the first pulsar? Or maybe it was Alan Turing’s development of the Turning Machine? We want your suggestions –…

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The future of human evolution

The future of human evolution

It is a continuous and lengthy process happening right under our noses; but what does the future...

How safe if your data?

How safe is your data?

What would you do if you lost your data? Mark Hahnel explores options for...

Gas analysis – the hydrogen way

Gas analysis – the hydrogen way

Hydrogen is considered by many to be the best carrier gas for gas...

A catalyst for innovation

A catalyst for innovation

Tapping microbial diversity with metagenomics has opened the door to more...

Soap bubbles in a spin

Soap bubbles in a spin

In the February issue we reported how soap bubbles can be used to model the...

Algal biofuels Full bloom or dead in the water?

Algal biofuels Full bloom or dead in the water?

Could algae be the fuel of the future? This extremely diverse group of simple...

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Science is boring? Far from it

Is science boring? Last month, I became involved in a discussion on Twitter as to whether that statement was true. In some cases it is – experimental work isn’t all about mixing chemicals to make explosions, or smashing atoms together in a particle accelerator.

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Correlative raman-SEM Imaging

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s., a multinational company experienced in charged...

Luer cap range

Brand new to the UK manufacturing market is Measom Freer’s luer cap range.

Malaria Ag Pf/Pan rapid test

bioMérieux has further extended its range of rapid tests for infectious...

New LEV monitor

An affordable, flexible and compliant new product, guaranteed to enable...

Weight calibration offer

Good practice guidelines advise that regular checks on the condition and...

Ready-to-use plasma products

Compared to traditional lyophilised plasma controls, the Precision BioLogic...

Cost effective safety cabinets

Europe´s leading manufacturer of safety cabinets, asecos, now offers new cost...
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