seaborgium hexacarbonyl

Superheavy element pairing probes Einstein’s relativity

Chemists probing the predictive power of trends in the Periodic Table have successfully established a chemical bond between a superheavy element and a carbon atom.

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Happy Birthday CERN!

Today marks 60 years since the 12 founding member states ratified the CERN convention and the European Organization for Nuclear Research was born.

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RNase E connected to messenger RNA

Jamming bacterial ‘shredder’ could fight infection

By jamming their ‘paper shredder’, scientists might be able to drown deadly bacteria in their own paperwork.

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A new single-molecule imaging technique developed at USC provides new insights into the role of dystrophin proteins for muscle function in Caenorhabditis elegans worm models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. (Courtesy of Fabien Pinaud)

New microscopy technique images living single cells

A new microscopy technology has allowed scientists to paint a target in a living subject and watch how it works with unprecedented sensitivity and precision.

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Peacock in full display

Plumage no sacrifice for peacocks

Peacocks are known for their long iridescent feathers which they use to attract a mate, but their display of love was also thought to be a sacrifice as it affected escape from predators.

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Health safety gas

Keeping tabs on gas

We hear from Becca Dodds of Analox Sensor Technology on the importance of paying attention to gas...

parallel chemistry

Chemistry in a parallel world

Martyn Deals explores parallel chemistry – its origins and its future

environmental science pharmaceuticals

Drug pollution – an aquatic time bomb?

Dr Alex Ford discusses the effects of pharmaceuticals, like antidepressants,...

nanotechnology nanofibres

In a spin: The maturing technology of Nanofibres

From biotechnology to thermoplastics and back again – applications for...

microbiology antimicrobial resistance

Can genomics lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance?

As antimicrobial resistance becomes a global problem, Ruth Massey and Anita...


What to do about the laboratory skills gap

With an ageing technical workforce and a growing skills gap, the science,...

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Combating chemical warfare

 A year ago the world stood open mouthed as reports came in on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Damascus. For the first time since the Iran-Iraq war began in 1980, chemistry its self was once again the ammunition.

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Water activity analyser

Labcell has supplied an AquaLab Series 4TE water activity analyser to British...

Simultaneous thermal analysis

Designed in the well-established vertical instrument configuration, the new...

High-pressure homogeniser

The Emulsiflex C3 is a laboratory-scale electrically-powered high-pressure...

Interlocking floor tiles

Ecotile extends range with 5mm interlocking floor tile – making Ecotile...

Physical properties of foods

Brookfield’s all-in-one tester for physical properties of foods gives you...

Multi-mode microplate reader

BioTek continues to set the standard in microplate instrumentation by...

New options for Omni Robot

Tecan has extended the flexibility of its popular Cavro Omni Robot with the...
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