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Time for some probing questions

Biomedical research is heavily dependent on utilising biological and chemical probes to understand the functionality of medically relevant proteins. Yet, when it comes to chemical probes, we aren’t being careful enough to validate our findings – and this is contributing to the reproducibility crisis. But help is at hand…

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Rescuing curiosity

Research in commercial labs and companies is increasingly goal driven – but is there still room for curiosity? And how can we harness a question-based approach as we become ever more inter-disciplinary? The answer lay in good integration of data says Barbara Holtz

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The feel good factor

A painfully direct question from a paralyzed patient set Professor Samantha Butler on a path to understand the neurobiology of touch and how we might rebuild damaged sensory circuits to restore sensory experiences. Here she tell us just how close her research is to finding out…

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A potent analytical force

Pharma companies need more information on drug candidates at an earlier phase in the process than ever before, and analytical chemists are turning to quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (qNMR) spectrometry to give them the answers says Dr Clemens Anklin…

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The future character of medicine

Nanotechnology offers great promise for the improvement of the treatment of a number of diseases. However, access to the expertise and methodologies required to characterise new nanomaterials is limited. The European Nanotechnology Characterisation Laboratory is set to change this…

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