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Puzzle Answers December 2014

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Win! The Quantum Age by Brian Clegg


We’ve had the Bronze Age, the Stone Age and the Iron Age, plus the birth of steam and electricity and new materials.

Win: 50 Ways the World Could End

Allsorts book

Never let it be said that we are morbid here at Laboratory News – our latest love is 50 Ways the World Could End by Alok Jha.

November 2014 Puzzle Answers

Stumped on that last crossword answer or think you’ve messed up the Sudoku? Answers are here.

Win: A Royal Society Framed Art Print

Allsorts RS image

Ever wanted to hang a piece of science history on your wall?

Competition winners

Congratulations to the following competition winners:

October 2014 Puzzle answers

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Competition: A Mind of its Own

A Mind of its Own

I’ve never mastered reverse parallel parking, am constantly forgetting names and the simplest maths problem stumps me – chances are I’m not in control of my brain, and neither are you suggests Cordelia Fine in A Mind of its Own.

September 2014 Puzzle answers

Need a bit of help with the Sudoku, or a crossword clue got you stumped? Find all the answers here

Competition: Dinosaurs Without Bones

Dinosaurs without bones

How do we know so much about dinosaurs? Digging up their bones has played a major role in informing our understanding of these massive beasts that once roamed our little planet, but what if they were all to disappear?

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