Cannabis destroys cancer cells

Cancer beating cannabisScientists working in the UK have revealed that cannabis has the potential to destroy leukemia cells.

The team – based at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry in London – have followed up on their previous findings that the main active ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has the potential to be used effectively against some forms of cancer.

Use of cannabis as a therapeutic agent continues to be controversial due to its psychoactive side effects and consequent legal status, however, leader of the team, Dr Wai Man Liu, explains: “It is important to stress that these cannabis-like substances are far removed from the cannabis that is smoked. These novel compounds have been specifically designed to be free of the psychoactive features, whilst maintaining anti-cancer action.”

THC has previously been shown to attack cancer cells by interfering with important growth-processing pathways, however its mechanism of doing so has remained a mystery. Now, Dr Liu and his colleagues, using microarray technology – allowing them to simultaneously detect changes in more than 18,000 genes in cells treated with THC – have begun to uncover the existence of processes through which THC can kill cancer cells and potentially promote survival.

The researchers hope that the findings will provide a crucial step towards the development of new therapies for many types of cancer. Dr Liu said: “Ultimately, understanding the fundamental mechanisms of these compounds will provide us with insights into developing new drugs that can be used to effectively treat cancers.”

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  1. Karl Kierdorf says:

    I have for two years now CML, a type of Leukemia; I am using Gleevec to keep it under control, however it does not really cure it and I would need to take this medicine (Gleevec) for the rest of my life.
    do you know if Hemp-oil is any good for CML ?

  2. Rose says:

    My Father was diagnosed of prostate cancer march 2012 and ever since then we have done chemotherapy 3 times but the cancer keep returning. Few months ago i heard about cannabis oil and its healing effect and i sourced the cannabis oil from London( and my father began treatment immediately with the cannabis oil, after using the cannabis oil for treatment at the stipulated time prescribe by the centre, there was total cure and as i write now my father can walk around the house by himself without support from anybody and go out anytime he chooses.


  3. Adam Hellas says:

    Hi Naz
    Sorry to hear of your case.
    Try contacting Wernard Bruining in Holland and Kristian Maersk in Denmark.
    Good wishes. Have courage and faith.

  4. vanessa says:

    Kristen, you are right you won’t get much help except pain relief from just smoking the marijuana, but if you juice the fresh leaves and bud you do get pure medicinal use. also making oil from the dry buds and using it topically or injesting in small amounts you can cure many illnesses. smoking bud will not provide these benefits.

  5. Mugasin says:

    Thanks Helen for the info and also my oil have just be delivered to me last week and i am on the oil medication now.

    • john says:

      Please be very careful when parting with your money. The person listing his name here London centre etc is a known scammer. On Facebook look for a group cannabis oil Europe. Ask in room many people have purchased through this group

      • Naz says:

        Hi John, I am 36 years old lady fron London, have stage 4 breast cancer and need the real deal oil with out the worry if it is the real deal oil or not..i tried it before and was helping me but it was a bit diluted in alchohol. It did help shrink a small amount of tumours but i need the real deal sourced as i have many fractures in my bones..please contact me if you know of a good trustworthy source.
        Thank you

  6. Scott says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great to hear that the oil has wirked out for you. I was wondering if you would mind trying to answer a few questions for me if you can? As my dad has lung cancer.
    Best regards,

  7. Penny says:

    Can u honestly recommend the London cancer centre, because their email address is different to the one on the London cancer centre web page. It is pure quality oil u recieved?? Many thanks

  8. Kristen says:

    This is seriously a bunch of crap, my dad smoked marijuana since he was like 11, he died July 11,2013 from cancer. Marijuana does not destroy cancer cells, it does not slow down the process. It makes cancer patients feel more comfortable and not so stress about what they will be going through.

    • Charles says:

      YES RSO (rick simpson oil) is made from the bud of marijuana. It does slow down cancer tumor growth. It does heal skin cancer caused by radiation treatments..
      I have been a cancer patient for the last 5 years.. been thru the modern meds with over 50 chemo treatments and over 120 radiation treatments and still have cancer.. doctors don’t have the cure for us to use.. they would loose money.. go figure.. but point is I have been takin the oil for the last 6 months and when I have my supply my tumors do not grow and have shrunk some.. when I don’t.. the tumors grow and grow fast.. with oil my tumors take 6 to 7 months to get to the size of what they where doin in a matter of 3 or 4 weeks.. I am taking other natural meds with my oil.. but the oil is the main one to keep my tumors at bay intill my body’s immune system is strong enough to take care of the cancer alone.. the bodies immune system is the only real cancer cure.. chemo and radiation to the opposite they destroy it..

      one last thing.. I have hodgkins lymphoma

      The oil does work.. Anyone that says it doesn’t, has no clue and needs to STFU.. Look up RICK SIMPSON OIL. on youtube or facebook. Also look up for other things that help with cancer.. I have seen first hand tumor reduction with the oil alone.. chemo and radiation do more harm then good.. Oil does all good.. no harm..
      Marijuana oil is a cancer treatment that cures the body.. no harm done with the oil.

      • MIranda says:

        Hi Charles, my hubby has Hodgkin’s also. I was wondering what types of chemo you did before the oil and have you done a stem cell transplant at all?

        Best of luck with your health


      • alex says:

        Just as a matter of interest what other alternative treatment are you taking.
        Thanks alex South Africa

    • Trevor says:

      Sorry to hear that Kristen. Smoking destroys most of the thc. You have to consume it, either eat it raw, or ingest the oil for it to be effective.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can tell you this 100% fact, I have seen this in person. Cannabis oil completely cured a woman of skin cancer in one week after the medication from her doctors failed to stop it after two years. Don’t tell people its a load of crap because it isn’t. I am not sure the facts around your fathers death but for skin cancer and oil this does work and it’s works very well indeed!

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Kristen,
      I am sorry you lost your Dad to cancer. Did you know that hemp oil is totally different from smoking weed? The cannabis in it’s raw form goes through a process of ‘decarboxyilation’ this means damaging carbons are removed. The oil can then be ingested or used topically to cure all. People who smoke weed to get high will not access the medicinal properties of the plant. To burn anything organic will produce damaging carbons if you breathe this in you will damage your lungs, especially if smoked along with tobacco.
      I hope you will heal soon after your loss, I too lost my father 17yrs ago and know your pain. I hope you find peace.

    • Riccardo says:

      Kirsten – smoking pot doesn’t cure cancer u need oil and as I can immagine your dad was smoking tabaco as well?

  9. scotty1690 says:

    Im just about to start chemo for CLL and i smoke cannabis i have done for a while now.When the doctor showed me the chart which my shows how much my white cell count has risen.I noticed that it had dropped a good bit a few times and im just wondering whether it was anything to do with the cannabis.I havent told my doc that im smoking it.I asked my doc why my white cell count had dropped but she didnt seem to know.

  10. Natasa (Croatia) says:

    Dear Helen, I feel for you. I have an identical problem, fighting the ovarian cancer since 2009, been to 3 operations and 3 complete rounds of chemos. Now it’s “popping” up again. I’m sick of it. I’d also like to know if someone fought it back with cannoil. Thank you people

  11. Rana says:

    I need the oil for my mother and I live in London. Can someone help me please? Where can I get it?

    • johnny says:

      It is possible for any one to produce the oil themselves quite easily, the problem is getting enough high grade cannabis and alcohol to make the process worthwhile.
      You need about a kilogram of cannabis which can cost a staggering 7000 pounds if you are looking to cure yourself but take a look at ricksimpson run from the cure on net maybe more helpfull!
      My mother has also being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and i have a friend who is going to help source the oil so my mother can try it.I will let all know how she progresses

    • Vladimir I. S. says:

      Sad part is that you need to find a local drug dealer and start paying a large sums of money to get the plant material and to make it your self. But the best is for you to grow it for your self, at least it will be the cleanest and then you can juice the leaves and bud or to make it as a oil which will make it psychoactive for which I am against. Just go on youtube and look for video with a name? “Leaf”
      I do not need to say more, wish your mum speedy recovery.

  12. Helen O'Quinn says:

    I have ovarian cancer and been fighting this since 2009 taking 3 complete rounds of chemo and now taking cyber knife. Cancer still popping up. Will this Cannabis oil help me? How do you take it? Can you digest it?
    I know there is a cure for cancer, but, not allowed by big drug companies.

  13. Hemp Share says:

    The quickest way to make this wonderful Natural Medicine available is to STOP voting for the groups who you’ve always voted for. They run the systems that suppress access to Nature’s Gift to Humanity: Cannabis. Vote Governor Gary Johnson tomorrow. Have Cannabis legal on January 21, 2013.

  14. ronjb says:

    I really feel bad for not voicing out, i could have save my grandma’s life from throat cancer. She passed away 2yrs ago and i knew that cannabis oil cures cancer but i was soo scared to tell that to my family cause it’s illegal here in the Philippines. The first time you’re caught smoking a joint you can be sent to rehab for at least six months. If you are persistent enough to try again, the next time could land you in jail for between six and twelve YEARS. If you get caught growing weed, you’re looking at anything from LIFE imprisonment to the DEATH penalty. The Philippine Dangerous Drugs Act will make your life a living hell. One man was jailed for 15 years after being caught with two joints.

    If only its legal here i really believe my grandma would still be alive today, she loves gardening and she has a half hectare of land just for it. She went through a series of chemo, different doctors diff. meds but none really helped );

  15. Chris P says:

    This is surely great news for cancer sufferers, but don’t forget the the other properties of cannabis. It’s also a great pain reliever for those with chronic joint pain.

  16. Angela says:

    After watching video RUN FROM THE CURE I am going to use it!!!
    Hope they make official ………


    my god,i hope that is true..this is great news..and i hope it reaches in CANADA NB, soon,cause weve been looseing sooo many people in our country from cancer.please please hurry and send it our way sooo we dont get anymore cancer,i lost 3 brothers of cancer.and realative.too..please hurry and make this comple,so we can have it too. god bless you all.CLAUDETTE rOBICHAUD. XOXOXO.

  18. maNutal says:

    THC and cannabis helps everything! Makes life better and youll stay healty. You can make your cannaoil yourself. That is why it is not supported by the medical establishment. Stay healty and toke up!

  19. momofcancerbaby says:

    My 4 month old son has leukemia and is currently on chemo. I am looking at alternative remedies to cure his cancer as I cannot stand it when he suffers from the side effects of the chemo. I have heard about hemp seed oil and cannabis extracted oil which seems to be two different things. Which of the two is the one which cures cancers or which one is more effective if both work? Also, does the hemp seed oil which is available in stores contain enough THC and CDB to cure the cancer or would it be more effective if I extracted it myself. Please help.

  20. Mycroft Holmes says:

    First off, thanks so much for your good work Rick Simpson. Bless you sir.

    Second, thanks to CannaOil for providing valuable information in your posts.

    Several years ago I watched the video “Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story” about hemp oil and its curative powers. I have tried to tell as many people about that video as possible and have handed out many, many copies of it to friends and acquaintances. Hopefully I have helped to a small extent in getting the word out about hemp oil.

    Ironically, today I am suffering from cancer myself and need to obtain some hemp oil in order to treat my condition.

    If anyone posting here would like to send me an email to chat with me, I would be very grateful for any communication. I would love to hear your stories and hopefully get some ideas on how to heal myself.

    My email is

  21. Bernie says:

    How can I get hold of Hemp Oil? I live in the UK, and have no idea where to get it from.

  22. christopher williams says:

    I was diagnosed and treated for lymphoma three years ago.I’ve read with some interest the new findings regarding hemp oil.I would like to know where you can buy this.I live in Britain.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Ceri says:

      Hi chris

      I hope things are looking up for you. Would be great to chat privately with you as it seems we have some common ground. Obviously no pressure here.

  23. bob says:

    The reason cannabis was made illegal was because the du pont family wanted to replace hemp products with plastics that their company produced, they lobbied the american and british goverments ,,, money changed hands and voila . hemp was used for centuries for food , clothing , rope and many other things , they cant patent Cannabis so thats why their happy to let everyone die . cancer caused by the chemicals in our food and water is good for business its as horrible and as simple as that . do your reserch and dont listen to anyone who profits from medicine , its your right to live a good life and dont let anyone tell you other-wise.

  24. ceri says:

    Hi Aaron

    I hope you’re well and cured from your cancer

    I read your thread with great interest as i too have been diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma and am a regular smoker. Untill now i have smoked whilst doing my treatment but felt incedibly guilty at the same time. In the UK cannabis smoking is a bit of a taboo and so i didnt want to discuss it with my oncologists i just carried on smoking regardless as it offered relief to the side effects of the chemo (depression and lack of appetite mainly). I was pleasantly surprised to see that most online content really promotes the benefits of cannabis for cancer patients instead of demonising it. i also see that cannabis or the THC has cancer fightng properties….perhaps its be being a skeptic but i am still dubious…what are your thoughts??
    it would be great to chat to you as maybe then i will stop feeling guilty everytime i spark up a joint.

  25. paolo pee says:

    been researching cannabis oil for medissinal purpose recently and there is tons and tons of stuff out there. if only HALF of it is correct and true then cannabis is truly a miracle drug. more research MUST be carried out, but the goverenment wont. i say if you have an illness which is said to be treatable with cannabis oil, give it a go. it might just save a life. screw the police, live!

  26. Steve&Jen says:

    They will never use Cannabis as they cant make any money from it the world revolves around MONEY & they cant patent cannabis so no MONEY no cannabis medicine this is a GREEDY world we live in. we have just lost a family member to lymphoma & it hurts to see what kind of a society we live in. they have known for over 2000 years that cannabis has a important part in human survival but again no money not worth having. they want us to be ill so they can charge us for medicine look it up, what make the most money in the world MEDICINE & RESEARCH all for what they have a cure for all kinds of illnesses from natural herbs & plants but no money no point in using them. i could go on forever about this but what use no 1 listens.

  27. Laurence says:

    Ive been told that in a lab test on rats cannabis was found to hav an apoptoctic effect. This means that essentialy the plant can help cancer cells to die. Surely this is reason enough to allow further research!

  28. Jan O'Donnel says:

    Been reading a lot about hemp oil being a cure for all types of cancer, mostly on American sites where there are videos of several people stating that they are cured. The benefits of hemp oil have been known for years why oh why has it not been made readily available??? Apart from the fact that pharmaceutical companies and all those who invest in them would lose mega amounts of money of course.Oh dear does that sound cynical?

  29. chris says:

    Hi my daughter has recently been diognosed with leukemia and is having tests done ie bone marrow etc can you tell me if cannibis would be of any use drs have offered transplant or /and chemo

  30. gary says:

    dr liu , if only there were more good people like yourself … i am a long term epilepsy sufferer and have found good quality cannabis far more effective than the epilim and phenetoin that i have been prescribed . my seizures have calmed down considerably in the last 6 months since taking cannabis . my mother has been diagnosed with stage 2 n/h lymphoma and is presently undergoing chemo , i have recently showed her some of your info regarding cancer treatment with cannabis and she is now cooking with it regularly … she is presently waiting for her scan results after her first 3 months of chemo .. i hope to report back soon with good news . she has certainly perked up since using it as the first 2 sessions of chemo made her really ill , carry on the good work , your a diamond ……

  31. daniel carter says:

    Regarding the so called “mind-bending” effects, the majority of those who experience them find them to be generally positive and do not suffer any kind of adverse effects. There are certainly cases where they would want to be avoided… subject has bad experience with them in the past, or maybe a moral objection of some kind, for instance. But if simply providing the plant will be just as effective and no more expensive, it should at least be pursued as an option to give people (that the psychoactive effects can help some people to deal with other facets of their condition is, of course, relevant). And if it is in fact *more* expensive to produce the synthetics, as I expect that it probably is, then the plant, if just as effective, should be the first choice and the pills a backup in case the individual patient reacts badly to the plant.
    The point is that the synthetics made thus far have been far too expensive, and generally agreed upon by patients to be inferior for treating their conditions than the raw plant matter. That it’s “natural” doesn’t make this true, it’s simply what we know from talking to people who use it medicinally and who have tried synthetic preparations. What’s the point in charging more for something that works less? The reductionist impulse is to find “the active chemical” and provide just it… but in this case that’s actually counterproductive and wasteful, considering the plant is not terribly dangerous and works just fine by itself.

  32. eric mann says:

    I have been growing and smoking cannabis since1998 for my rueumatoid arthritis..its been a lifesaver as the meds the dr gave me where horrific..some now withdrawn. 3 crown court appearances ..12 months in I am up again on 3rd june,I have indications of prostrate cancer and was going to make rick simson oil.police took it all.
    had abnormal psi reading and dr felt a lump on my prostrate..I refused a biopsy and am on a regime of abservation as soon as I get some oil I will be able to see if it works on my psi tests
    what people in the uk get who use cannabis as a medicine is persecution and punishment
    human trials are going to be held in thailand. The results will be interesting for medical science not the prohibition by governments which I believe is responsible for the deaths of many good people
    I call this manslaghter by my government
    unless people stand up against unjust laws they will remain and cause damage
    its all about money not people
    68 years old disabled and persecuted pensioner
    best wishes ERIC MANNPS CURED MY SKIN CANCER WITH THE OIL..its on my medical recordslike to thank dr Liu for his work
    can not imagine the restrictivered tape involved in his research.I wish him good fortune in his quest to help people thank you sir

  33. Jaohn says:

    Look, I dont have cancer, but i do have a few benine tumours, and am only 16, and even though they are benine, they still scared the hell out of me. So i started smoking weed, after i heard they can reduce cells, and guess what it worked, all 3 have gone.
    Legalize weed man, it doesnt do out wrong, drinking is worse for you man, you could drink 8 cans and get alcohol posioning and die, you could smoke an ounce be so stoned u wont move for a few days but you wouldnt die! also say 100 men are in a bar drinking, theres bound to be fighting, 100 men in a bar smoking weed, theyll all be best mates, as you cant be bothered to fight! haha legalize cannabis.

  34. Steve Anderson says:

    Full marks to the team doing this valuable research. It is an utter outrage that outdated, biased and frankly nonsensical laws can be standing in the way of worldwide research into curing cancers. Cancer affects vast numbers of people and causes untold suffering and misery; much of this is needless.
    I have just watched a documentary called what if cannabis cured cancer, and I am shocked that anybody can deny continued and advanced research is a must for the sake of humanity.
    I applaud and condone anybody who will stand up and fight for an end to the stigma associated with cannabis.
    Let us end the suffering now.

  35. Ans says:

    pawpaw is also cancercellkiller

  36. eric mann says:

    thank you to all those who participate in showing cannabis to be a good medicine…a suppressed medicine is criminal..research should be accelarated not suppressed..people are suffering because of our political direction.
    alcohol and tobacco are drugs..this makes our leaders drug dealers .Makes me so angry. more funding for cannabis research will save lives.

  37. Robin says:

    I’m a Norwegian citizen with a history of cancer in my family, til now there are 5 in my family at the age of 40+ without cancer, four of them smoke cannabis and the fifth is 41 years old. I strongly recommend cancer patients to either smoke or eat cannabis under treatment, what you like is the best way for you. I DO know it’s illegal in most contries but what is a fine vs. a slow and horrible death?
    I personally smoke cannabis for it’s medical use against depression and my personality disorder, and I’ve found it to work much better than what I get from my doctor, the pills made me wanna commit suicide but the cannabis made me wanna laugh of it, not that it ain’t serious, but why see everything in black when you can have all colors of the world?

  38. Ann says:

    I also find that cannabis reduces my night sweats considerably as well as alleviating pain and helping me sleep. This has totally changed my life as I hardly slept before owing to the frequency and severity of the night sweats. I tried all kinds of things to stop them but nothing else worked.

  39. Annette Smith says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I took part in the sentinel node training programme on the 31/12/2007.
    I had FEC Chemotherapy and there are numerous side effects with this treatment. After my first treatment I got real sick so bad in fact I thought I was going to die. I lost my appetite and could not eat anything as everything just tasted weird.
    Numerous people told me cannabis would stop the sickness, and help me eat so on my second treatment I smoked 2 joints of cannabis bush before my chemotherapy and 2 joints of cannabis bush after my chemo treatment and I stopped being sick.
    These joints gave me my appetite back and I started to eat well again this helped me stay strong for the rest of my treatment.

  40. sarah says:

    this is exciting news and one more reason we should fight to make cannabis legal, especially for cancer patients. Legalization would undoubtedly lessen the social stigma (that has already declined in recent years) and i think a lot more doctors would take the time to learn about the benefits and/or prescribe cannabis, especially because any fear they had of scrutiny from the ama, acs, or of losing their licensure because they haven’t taken the side of the pharmaceutical companies, would subside.

    also, and this is huge,
    but very very few people know about it because no one is offering alternatives to extremely harmful medical intervention. i encourage anyone who is curious, knows someone with a terminal (or any other) illness, or is suffering themselves, to research GERSON THERAPY. also, the documentary, THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH, is an excellent way to learn the basics about what is causing these illnesses and about the cure.

  41. GRAHAM says:

    I hav Chronic Lymphatic Leukimia I smoke cannabis, & it has helped me cope with this, get through 2 lots of 6 mths chemo & I start a 3rd session of 6 tomorrow & cannabis wil help me through that.Doctors gav me all the pain killers I wanted & had I used that quantity I would hav a healthy addiction by now, I dont & I still use them when its to much the rest of the time I smoke through it.Ive also noticed the night sweats are not as intense. it works 4 me what more can I say…thks

  42. Ron says:

    I was diagnosed with lung cancer last year, I tried Rick Simpson way and it worked. The doctors said I was lucky and I told them how I cured my cancer with hemp oil, he said nothing and said you don’t have to make a new appointment your cancer free Thanks to Rick Simpson.
    So for all of you that have cancer believe it because it cured my cancer.

    • Vanesa says:

      Hi Ron, so good to hear it worked for you.
      Hope you don’t mind me asking how long it took for you to see significant changes?
      I am asking because I have a breast cancer with metastases to lungs and hip, started using oil 2 weeks ago, great pain control, sickness is gone and appetite is back.
      But some strong pains are still here, and I wonder how long before oil starts healing?
      Please, what is your experience?
      Thank you

      • Denise says:

        Hi Vanessa, I hope you are doing well now, I have the same as you, I have received no conventional treatment to date things have got much worse, I wondered if you could contact me privately to discus as I’m interested in using the oil.

  43. tom says:

    To day at 12:50 my Aunt died of Cancer, she was 60, You have no idea how angry and disapointed i am at this. There is a cure there that has a social stigma attached to it but this denys peoples biggest right, life. This propaganda is costing people their lives what is their problem with it?

  44. Bill says:

    I applaud Dr. Liu for his discoveries. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009 and the drug that I am taking has been very effective in bringing my blood back to normal. I like to thank doctors like Dr. Liu who are finding creative ways to combat cancer. May God bless you.

  45. TerrierBram says:

    I think tonight, before dinner I eat some good hashish. Fry it gently in the olive oil, and just eat it.
    @Rick Simpson
    I respect and admire your work deeply. However, the smoke and vapour of Cannabis flowers have medical qualities, and contribute to the society. First of all to keep me sane. But maybe for anti carcinogenic properties Cannabis can better be eaten. I think you have a point there. However smoking Cannabis is not a waste, if the user decided it is so.

  46. Aaron says:

    I was diagnosed with lymphoma in December of 2006 at the age of 20. Honestly, the ONLY thing that helped me through my chemotherapy and the extreme nausea associated with it was smoking marijuana. Without it, I don’t know if I would have done as well getting through the treatments (CHOP chemotherapy, RICE chemotherapy, BEAM chemotherapy, and my stem-cell transplant). I would go home from a treatment, smoke with friends, and would actually be able to eat, laugh, and enjoy myself during such a difficult time. The damn thing is, no doctor even recommended the option of a THC pill or any other form of cannabis. In fact, they all told me to refrain from smoking anything, especially marijuana. They gave me Ativan and other anti-nausea medications and NONE of them helped… at all. I would beg for high doses of Benadryl so I could actually go to sleep. A year out of my stem-cell transplant and I’ve had no reoccurance of lymphoma. I’m 100% for the scientific studies and suggest the “at-home” studies for cancer patients. Spark it up!

  47. Ralph says:

    Saw this report on other sites. We should really try and support scientists who want to beat cancer by using new approaches. Good on you Dr Liu.

    • CannaOil says:

      Just leaving some details for a company in Holland who can put you in contact with a provider of cannabis hemp oil for those who are in legal/tolerant areas.
      Run from the cure by rick simpson, along with other information, shows how cannabis hemp marijuana oil has shrunk and totally removed cancer. We believe anyone who is willing to use cannabis oil to cure themselves should not be denied access to it.
      Contact and they will put you in contact, providing you are njot in the USA or other conutries were supply may be an issue

      • ken harrison says:

        I would like to source a supply of cannabis hemp oil for my sister who has terminal cancer any help would be greatly appreciated

        • tracey says:

          sorry to hear about your sister and my best wishes are with her as my sister is battleing grade 3 cancer and with all the chemo and other meds she is on its a case of will the meds kill her before the cancer, we live in britain and knowing cannabis oil is out there and helping so many people with cancer and the goverment will not let it be used is disgracful, if they find a way to add tax to it then im sure they would make this avaiable or at least make it legal in this country, until then we have to pray that she gets through this, any help where we could buy this from would be much appreiciated

  48. Rick Simpson says:

    “Dr Wai Man Liu, explains: “It is important to stress that these cannabis-like substances are far removed from the cannabis that is smoked.”
    Such a waste of medicine – smoking it! The cannabis oil distilled from the bud crystal is much more effecacious.

    • Mike C says:

      first of all thank you for your work.
      Wanted to share with you a quick story.
      I am a 2 yr vet tech who is retired.
      Cured a Black and Tan coon hound of horrid tumors on his legs with cannabis oil and salve that I use on my self as a Michigan med can card holder.
      In fact the hound would come to me each morning “asking” for his meds.
      When he was cured he simply stopped asking.
      He has since been adopted out to a wonderful farm in the country rather than being euthed and tossed in a hole by the shelter that I rescued him from. I was given the animal free of charge because he quite simply was close to death.
      Am in the process of curing a small tumor on my own face as well.
      Never got the doctor’s opinion.As it turns out he would not have had a clue or the ability to do what I am able to do for my self as a 2 yr Vet science tech legally.
      people look at me as if I’m form mars when I tell them this…
      Keep pushing Rick the truth will set us free…
      peace and better health

      • Violet says:


        I just want to corroborate your story. My Rottie has been through a battery of tests and the vets have finally narrowed it down to leukemia, today.
        He’s been battling this for a year, had his spleen removed and came back from the dead after dropping half his body weight in less than 3 weeks. It’s still a roller coaster for us, but I have been treating him with cannabis oil the whole time and the vets are all baffled.
        Most vets have zero experience with cannabis and the books and articles which they refer to specifically lack experiences like yours and mine–involving cannabis as a medicine.
        I believe the cannabis is keeping the leukemia at bay. It’s enhanced my dog’s happiness and life and has enabled him to recoup the weight which he had lost. Because it ameliorates pain, brings back appetite and prevents vomiting–all with no toxicity–I have kept him on it.
        The U.S. government has patented the molecular ingredients in Cannabis–because obviously there is some medicinal value there. Look it up yourself–the patent number is: 6,630,507.
        There, you will find that their studies show it helps with not only cancer but autoimmune disorders and trauma.

      • TJ says:

        Hi Mike, I am very interested in your story about using the oil on a dog with tumors on his legs. I have just recently discovered what I believe to be a tumor on my dog and I would like to use the oil for her to heal. I live in CO, am a card holder and I work in the industry here so I am very familiar with the use of the oil to heal patients of the human sort but I haven’t had the chance to talk with someone who has used it with animals. Please share any info you have on how you applied or gave the oil to the dog and how much in dosage you think works best if you can could. Thank you so much.


      • rafael says:

        would be curious to know what happened to the tumor in your face.

      • roger hutalla jr says:

        Hello there just wanna ask how to make cannabis oil. The reason im asking is because my nephew was diagnosed to have leukemia this month doctors second opinion is the same as the first one.And i have heard and read that cannabis has been effective in helping people with leukemia, please help me anything that can be of help for my nephews ercovery will be highly appreciated, i hope that u can teach me everything so i can share it to him he is still so young just 5 years of age a very jolly and lovely kid please help us …thanks

    • Mario says:

      So don’t smoke it, buy the oil?

    • lola lawton says:

      my husband has been diagonsed with cancer what type is of yet to be determined two years we have been waiting as the tumour on the side of his neck grows he is has loss feeling on this side of his face we are waiting for pet scan approval been denied still waiting for scan he has been taking cannabis cream but this is not seemingly affective as the tumour has doubled again over the holidays. we are wondering can we make a coconut oil salve with cannabis as making or purchasing cannabis oil is impossible for us he has changed his diet is red meat and sugar free using budwig diet. i look forward to hearing from you my husband believes this is a cure for him we just need to now the formula to make this happen peace to you
      lola and gary

      • jk says:


        I have no idea if it works or not but if you are going to try you’ll need to consider a few things:

        1. it has to be made properly (decarb’ed etc) there are facebook groups that may help
        2. Organic
        3. High in both THC and CBD (needs to be concentrated and strong), some say you can mix it with a little coconut oil, I don’t know know either way)
        4. rubbed on tumour and taken orally in a capsule (some day under the tongue, some say with food)
        5. ideally the oil should be tested for solvent residue, pesticides etc and tested for potency (usually gives a percentage of active ingredients).

        Again, I don’t know if it will work, we are in a similar position, If we’re going to try something just be sure its properly made with the right material.

        best of luck

        (ps be careful , there are a lot of scammers online.

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