Making the most of waste

Regs cert

Waste can be a goldmine and laboratory testing is the best way to take advantage of this, but – says Ryan Haughey – if the UK waste industry does not wise up to the need to set standards when it comes to testing waste then we’ll lose out to the rest of Europe

Getting a handle on the right gloves

Glove H&S

Nick Gardner explores hand protection and chemical hazards in molecular biology

The dark side of ozone recovery

ozone repair

A recent statement by UNEP/WMO has claimed the size of the ozone hole is starting to decrease, but how certain can we be that this is the start of a recovery and what does this mean for the future of climate change?

TB or not TB? How NGS will win the battle against drug-resistance

microbiology TB

The stats on TB are deeply worrying: one–third of the world’s current population has been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis; new infections occur at a rate of one per second – and drug-resistance is an increasing problem. Here we find out why metrology is a vital part of the…

A quartet of proteomic surprises…

proteomics map

The draft map of the Human proteome is just the beginning of our understanding of the incredible complexity of the human machine. Here Paul Ko Ferrigno discusses some of the remaining challenges and highlights four surprises in the Human Proteome Map as we currently understand it

‘Green Jujitsu’ – the key to sustainability?

green jujitsu

The pressure for laboratories to be sustainable is becoming ever stronger – but the pace of change has been slow. Can a new approach called ‘Green Jujitsu’ be a solution to this? Possibly, says sustainability expert Gareth Kane, but the real answer to that can only be supplied by you…

Down down, deeper and down…

Water testing wwem

Hazel Davidson provides an overview of recent developments enabling water testing laboratories to reach lower limits of detection – but will they be low enough to meet new standards?

Putting tax back in its box


If you or your company hold a patent on a scientific innovation then Rhian Osborne thinks the Patent Box scheme could save on your tax bill…

Revealing the secrets of a successful embryo

Fertility procedure

It is estimated that one in seven couples will experience some difficulty conceiving and for one third the reason will be classified as ‘unknown’ which can be highly frustrating for those involved.  Although there is still much we do not know about human reproduction some recent developments,…

Just how far reaching is your research?

publishing altmetrics

As the pressure grows to show the wider implications and impact of scientific research, we learn how alternative metrics are becoming a recognised indicator of research impact

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