After the vote was over, after the count was done….

The ethical scrutiny of mitochondrial transfer started well before the technique was ready for use

Dr Geoff Watts, who chaired the Nuffield Council on Bioethics Working Party on mitochondrial transfer, reflects on the run up to the Parliamentary vote that gave it the go ahead, and also looks to the wider future

A standard offering

A standard offering

 It is all too easy to take for granted the systems and protocols behind the relentless production of test results throughout the UK’s many pathology laboratories – now a new standard is set to encourage these fine labs to take stock of procedures…

Seeing it all

Diamond Light Source

Viral evolution, molecular rulers and Neolithic wall paintings­ – when it comes to pushing boundaries, the Diamond Light Source has literally seen it all…

Deepening mystery of disappearing microscope

Special Report

In 1981 a lost treasure-trove of seventeenth-century specimens was unearthed by Brian J Ford, hidden among the archives of the Royal Society. They had been made by the microscope pioneer Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

A new low

A new low

From superconductors and particle accelerators to deep-space cosmology and cancer research, our understanding of matter at a fraction of a degree above absolute zero has never been more important – but the way we conduct low temperature research has to evolve says Jeremy Good…

Protect, promote and succeed

protect, promote, succeed

  IP lawyers Louise Handley and Sara Ludlam urge science companies to fully understand the importance of protecting their assets if they want to be commercially successful

Hope, suffering and humanity – the story of our battle with polio


Still considered endemic in several countries, eliminating the last enclaves of polio virus is proving to be a real challenge. But far from being technical, the flaws that have prevented us from beating the virus are all too human says Gareth Williams

Tweaking your ‘procurement engine’ – will your lab benefit?


Brand management is giving way to supply chain management in public sector laboratory purchasing models in the drive to manage costs. What can we learn from these changes and in particular from leading institutions such as Imperial College London and the University of Manchester? Steve Roebuck of…

The wonder stuff – How peptide hydrogels could change the face of biomedicine

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With a list of characteristics and applications long enough to make most bioengineers take notice, ultrashort peptide hydrogels are fast becoming the toast of biomedicine. Here, a team from Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology tell us about their work on these little miracles…

A new lease of life

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When a large scientific company decides to leave a manufacturing or R&D plant, what happens to the state-of-the-art facilities which only these big companies can afford?

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