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How to attract investment


Hailed as the savior of the economy, science start-up success is still a very tricky thing to navigate with many pitfalls along the way. But there are some tricks of the trade that can help you get your science to market…Here we hear from Lynn Shepherd and Eileen Modral on how to attract that all important investment for your start-up

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Turning our gaze skywards


Space weather can have a big impact on modern day life, and improving forecasts has become a priority in the UK. But to do this we need data – data we don’t yet have. Using crowdsourcing and Twitter, Aurorasaurus is a citizen science project aiming to plug this data-gap

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Building a case


The use of DNA in Forensic Science is widely acknowledged – but Forensic Science is a very broad field. Here we look more closely at how cases are built up within the Criminal Justice System following sexual offences

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