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Building a case


The use of DNA in Forensic Science is widely acknowledged – but Forensic Science is a very broad field. Here we look more closely at how cases are built up within the Criminal Justice System following sexual offences

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Don’t neglect your water


Next generation sequencing is a complex endeavour with advanced equipment, well developed methodologies and incredibly detailed analysis. But, say Estelle Riché and Sean P. Kennedy, don’t forget the basics – neglect water quality and your sequence will suffer  

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Finding the personal touch

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The drive for personalised medicine requires an increasingly intimate understanding of the human genome – something impossible without high-performance computing. But, says Dr Robert Esnouf, the pace of research must be maintained and the pressure to develop higher performance computing is on… 

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A responsibility to reach out

Sci Lite June 2015 new web

In the age of the science press release, it’s tempting to think the public are engaged in scientists work. But we can’t rest on our laurels says Alex Codoreanu – scientists have a responsibility to make sure they communicate their work in an accessible way to the public at large 

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