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What will the lab of the future look like?


Driven forward by improving technologies and increasing demands, the lab of the future could be markedly different in appearance from the laboratories we work in today. From incorporating 3D printing technology to changing the way that lab data is recorded, we take a closer look at how the next generation of laboratories might evolve.

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From sci-fi to reality – portable analysis


Over the years, many and varied predictions have been made regarding technological advances, with countless seemingly ‘crazy’ ideas originating in works of science fiction. Here, Stephen Tomisich discusses the inexorable rise of portable analysers and outlines some of the technological challenges and advances that are driving this key trend.

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Reaching out for the origins of life


Evidence suggests meteorites could have been an important source of the prebiotic compounds required for life on Earth. Now, after the success of ESA’s Rosetta mission, NASA are hoping to uncover the secrets of the origin of life with a new mission set to return a sample from a meteorite.

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