Taking on the world

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UK life science firms are entering new emerging markets; here Peter Rose discusses the main challenges that face them

Biotech crowdfunding with bite

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Crowdfunding is becoming de rigueur for many enterprising small businesses – but is it really a suitable financial solution for biotech? Steve Trim thinks so, and he has the success story to prove it

Biology gets the blues

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The UK has an enviable legacy when it comes to biological research…but do we take it for granted? The Society of Biology think so, and to put that right they have installed ten blue plaques across the country to honour the eminent and sometimes unsung heroes of biology

A vehicle for change


Graphene – wonder material it maybe – but there are many challenges to overcome before using it seriously as an industrial material. Here we find that some solutions are there, and by using them we could revolutionise the vehicle manufacturing industry

Quantum computing – a real gem


It’s a symbol of love, success and wealth, but the colour centers that make a diamond that extra bit special could also hold the key to quantum computing. Here we learn how one group is close to quantum information processing using the nitrogen vacancy centers responsible for that famous sparkle  

From genomic revolution to healthcare revolution

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Genomic testing will inevitably become common medical practice says Richard Holland – but in order to give the best care whilst safeguarding personal information   we need to develop the technical and ethical framework for this…and we need to do it now

A head for identification

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There is a need for techniques that can assist crime scene investigators in narrowing down the number of suspects when DNA analysis is not possible or does not provide any match – one team from Canada think that hair analysis can give useful information of gender and ethnicity

The power of partnership takes on HIV

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Having already made notable contributions to our understanding of how HIV works, Professor Andrew Lever talks about how his team’s most recent research is being driven forward through open collaboration with GSK

Getting the measure of success

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European environmental legislation covers a vast array of pollutants – but how robust are the standards they are founded upon? There is a clear challenge to analytical chemists to fully characterise measurement procedures and here, the LGC tell us how metrology is a key component of this challenge

Eating into the skills gap

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The food and drinks industry is facing a looming skills crisis says Bertrand Emond. But there are several ways the next generation of food scientists can be encouraged…

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