Down down, deeper and down…

Water testing wwem

Hazel Davidson provides an overview of recent developments enabling water testing laboratories to reach lower limits of detection – but will they be low enough to meet new standards?

Putting tax back in its box


If you or your company hold a patent on a scientific innovation then Rhian Osborne thinks the Patent Box scheme could save on your tax bill…

Revealing the secrets of a successful embryo

Fertility procedure

It is estimated that one in seven couples will experience some difficulty conceiving and for one third the reason will be classified as ‘unknown’ which can be highly frustrating for those involved.  Although there is still much we do not know about human reproduction some recent developments,…

Just how far reaching is your research?

publishing altmetrics

As the pressure grows to show the wider implications and impact of scientific research, we learn how alternative metrics are becoming a recognised indicator of research impact

The enduring cliché…

Typical scientist

Quentin Cooper discusses why the traditional image of the scientist is out-dated, and what can be done about it

Making magma crystal clear

magma flow

Precious metal deposits, volcanic super-eruptions and even mass extinction events – detailed examination of magma can tell us so much about the Earth’s dramatic past. And how can such detail be determined? Professor Urs Schaltegger thinks the answer is gleaming away beneath our feet….

Geriatric nuclear power plants deserve our respect

Nuclear power

Nuclear power in the UK received a boost in June. A deal was agreed with the Chinese to build a new generation of nuclear reactors on these shores.

Successful spin-out? It’s all a question of timing…


So, you have the world changing idea and maybe even the proprietary technology – but what comes next? Dr Richard Nock, founder of Qumet Technologies, discusses his plans to commercialise his research with funding and mentoring support from the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Hub

Therapeutic vaccine – is this the way forward for Parkinson’s treatment

Parkinsons brain

Now that a potential molecular target has been elucidated, is it realistic to think in terms of a therapeutic vaccine for Parkinson’s disease? Certainly say Markus Mandler and Achim Schneeberger, but there is a problem – how to avoid autoimmunity?  

Abandoning the event horizon

black hole

Stephen Hawking’s recent paper on black holes suggests physicists give up the very thing that makes them so interesting; the event horizon. Doing this keeps the warring theories of general relativity and quantum physics intact, but eliminates the Firewall Paradox, which – since first theorised in…

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