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Are we living up to 2014?

Are we living up to 2014?

2014 – it’s well and truly underway. It is the here and now – the present. But don’t you think it seems a bit, well, overly futuristic? You know…as a number. Just look at it…2014…it just seems entirely out of place on today’s calendar page.

Paranoid over androids

Paranoid about androids

Ok, we have something important to share – and we are afraid to say that it absolutely justifies coming over all ‘1950s sci-fi’ on you. Here goes…

A lupine conundrum

A lupine conundrum

Hello dearest readers – and a happy new year to you. By way of a post-festive period pick-you-up, we thought you could do with a little teaser to get your synapses lubricated.

The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Laboratory News has offered many a scientific take on the festive season over the years.

An interplanetary diamond-rush

An interplanetary diamond-rush

Roll-up, roll-up! For we have an offer you can’t possibly refuse. A business venture, to end all business ventures. And, you lucky people, all we need is your money and your expertise.

Laughing and thinking

Just me, you, the stars and this large ball of dung. How romantic.

Party hats were donned, plastic beakers full of wine were quaffed and hearty cheers were bellowed. It was most definitely party time here on the Science Lite desk a few weeks back – for it was the most important time of our year – the Ig Nobels!

Riddle me this…

Hairy wood ants

As you have no doubt seen – we are giving away the rather marvellous Art of Science game. Chock full of incredibly testing science questions, it is sure to keep the trivia addict in all of us satisfied.

Levitation’s what you need


Welcome! A veritable feast for you this month – indeed you join us just as our cups are in danger of falling into the ‘over runneth’ category. We have for you the world’s smallest cup of coffee, a sound more intense than a rocket launch heard from 3ft away and toothpicks…that fly.

A green invasion

Green leaves coming from the top

We come to you this month with some alarming news. If you have read Russ Swan’s babble on p17 you will know there is no shortage of end-of-the-world scenarios for those of us schlepping around under the banner of Homo sapiens – but we think he has missed one.

Sore feet and scary jumpers


There are times when convention must be breached. Be it to introduce a new theory or experimental method, or – and this may be less obvious – when contriving to write a magazine article.

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