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What are you saying, exactly?

Dylan sci lite

Hidden messages. Could there be anything more innately conspiratorial? Books, films – entire cults even – have been based on the idea that within one form of document there nestles another.

There’s something you should know about dogs…

Ig Nobels dog

There are times, dear reader, when the miasma of lethargy within which the Science Lite team ordinarily operates is blown away. Times when our collective attention is scruffed roughly and pulled to account.

Robot nightmares and the chocolate Doctor…

killerbots kilobots

Here at the Science Lite desk we’ve been inundated with research that is not only interesting and worthwhile, but also manages to shatter our illusions and have us quaking in our boots. Rather than just pick one, we’ve chosen to share our favourites with you…

Chairman of the bored…

Sci lite boredom

As a species we like to think we are conquerors of our own niche; that we could, if it came to it, outsmart our own extinction.

Do you suffer BICYCLE FACE?

science lite bicycle face

Don’t look like that…it’s a serious question. Because while it might sound like the best playground insult you have never heard of, it is a genuine medical condition.

Two tribes go to pour

A kettle. Or ‘universal law of energy conservation machine’ as we have taken to calling it…

Strange, is it not? The places which can inflame the imagination. The things which can spark thought. For Newton, a falling apple was all it took. A particularly contemplative bath did it for Archimedes. For the Science Lite desk… it was a broken kettle.

Love is in the air

The bearded jazz bugler – hot stuff…right ladies?

Spring, as they say, has most definitely sprung. As the daffodils sway gently in the breeze and lambs skip youthfully in the lush fields, nature turns her mind to all things sexual.

Time at the bar please…

Time at the bar please…

A little question for you to kick off this month’s Science Lite. What is your favourite bit of lab equipment?

Are we living up to 2014?

Are we living up to 2014?

2014 – it’s well and truly underway. It is the here and now – the present. But don’t you think it seems a bit, well, overly futuristic? You know…as a number. Just look at it…2014…it just seems entirely out of place on today’s calendar page.

Paranoid over androids

149354248 cutout

Ok, we have something important to share – and we are afraid to say that it absolutely justifies coming over all ‘1950s sci-fi’ on you. Here goes…

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