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A crowdfunded device to ‘fix’ colour-blindness?


A crowdfunded device to ‘fix’ colour-blindness? Yes please says Russ Swan – if nothing else it’ll make political distinctions easier…

The crazy dinosaur denialist movement

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They roamed majestically, fought fiercely and conquered all before them…they were also, according to a worrying new fundamentalist view point, a bad influence on children. Russ Swan gets his teeth into the crazy dinosaur denialist movement…   

The never ending dream of perpetual motion

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When a moment’s idleness leads Russ Swan back to his childhood dream of perpetual motion he is surprised to learn that optimism is still used to do battle with Nature

Scientists – we are basically rock stars…

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In a clarion call to his fellow geeks – Russ Swan implores us to revel in the now; for we have never had it so good…

Rise of the machines?

Nasal Ranger

Rise of the machines? Snuff and nonsense says Russ Swan – when it comes to sensors, there is an awful lot to be said for us meat bags…

Gifts of Christmas past

Mars Curiosity rover

Gifts of Christmas past still haunt Russ Swan – but will he complete his quest for a toy version of the Mars Curiosity Rover?

Need a new holiday destination? Let us help

Astronaut Alan Shepard was the first man to play a round of lunar golf

Bored of the same old holiday destinations? Want to try something a bit different? Let Russ Swan take you on a journey out of this world…

We’ve got it all wrong


From outrage to a rising dawn of realisation – when it comes to the way we name ourselves and our pursuits, Russ Swan thinks scientists have got it all wrong…

The world will end in a flood of pointlessness

pointless paperwork

How will life on this planet end – a deadly pathogen, intense heat? Oh no, something much more pointless, says Russ Swan

Stretching the truth

Carcharodon megalodon babble

Nothing is new in the world of TV science says Russ Swan ­– but with the advent of ‘docufiction’ has the time come where the truth is being stretched to breaking point?

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