Lab Babble

Dubious scientific formulae

Scientists have come up with a formula for the perfect pizza...really?

Russ Swan grows weary of the insatiable appetite of the gullible media for pseudoscience wrapped up in bogus formulae and equations. But fret no longer he says, help is at hand…

In too deep?

in too deep

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory to mock, but as he begins to find himself convinced, has Russ Swan got himself in too deep this time?

The Science of Prediction

Lost electrons at 93mph - that’s funny, right?

Bemused by a Swiss attempt to analyse a joke, Russ Swan finds real humour in a dubious attempt at the science of prediction 

The law of unintended consequences

Unique artwork defining its owner or cabbage DNA?

Russ Swan finds the unpredictable outcomes of genetic sequencing technology, well, rather predictable

The science of speed

Russ’ new ride? Bloodhound SSC Credit Siemens

The science of speed is fraught with frustration for Russ Swan, but a chance meeting leads to a rather thrilling change of heart 

Voyager’s unlikely stowaway

Calling all alien life forms – just have a little peek at the lower edge of the rocket motor thrust cone, that will tell you all you need to know about humanity

Clean room etiquette, Voyager 1 and an unlikely stowaway ­– how a human fingerprint ended up leaving the solar system

Predicting the future is a risky business

Futuristic city

No fusion power, no fuel cells…not even reliable light bulbs – have we really got the 21st century we were promised? Russ Swan laments a dream that seems forever out of reach

Pop culture and the power of scientific deduction

Melitaea parthenoides anvers butterfly

Comprehensive tests lead Russ Swan to discover an astounding application of scientific language – the deciphering of bizarre song lyrics

A worthwhile doomsday


Never quite found a doomsday scenario to suit your scientific tastes? Look no further than robotic researchers taking over the world says Russ Swan…

Literary explorations of laboratory life

120540044- web

Talk about art imitating life – see how the rise of ‘Lab Lit’ has got Russ Swan in a literary lather… Darius stared at the cloudy fluid nestling in the bottom of the flask as he held it up to the light. Perhaps this time, perhaps this one would be the result he’d been longing

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