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Fred Turner on his homebuilt PCR machine

Fred Turner, Winner of the 2013 National Science + Engineering competition with his homemade PCR machine

Fred Turner, an undergraduate studying biochemistry at the University of Oxford was recently listed in the 100 leading practising scientists – we find out why.

The 1851 Fellowship

Stephen Greenland

Eight young graduates were recently awarded £80,000 each to develop innovative commercial technologies as part of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Here we speak to some of the 2013 Industrial Fellows to see exactly how they plan to use the money…

A ‘new’ way of bringing science to the masses

Soapbox Science

We find out more about Soapbox Science – a ‘new’ way of bringing science to the masses from founders Dr Nathalie Pettorelli and Seirian Sumner

Science and outreach with Anne Pawsey

Credit: The Institute of Physics

Anne Pawsey has recently scooped the Very Early Career Physicist Award, given for excellence in scientific work as well as outreach. We catch up with her and talk outreach, awards and functional food.

Giving life to the dead: Barts Pathology Museum’s Carla Valentine

Carla Valentine

Carla Valentine gives life to the dead – not only does she ensure the preservation of 5,000 specimens housed at Barts Pathology Museum, she blogs about their history

Life Fantastic with Dr Alison Woollard

Dr Alison Woollard

Dr Alison Woollard from the University of Oxford plans to excite the nation’s inner-scientist with her fantastic tales of developmental biology as she delivers this year’s RI Christmas Lectures.

Discussing UK Science with Andrea Sella

Discussing UK Science with Andrea Sella

Chemist, TV and radio science personality and king of the chemistry demo – Andrea Sella talks to us about the state of science in the UK. Andrea will be talking at Lab Innovations which takes place 6 & 7 November at the NEC

Talking endogenous retroviruses with Dr Ravinder Kanda

Dr Ravinder Kanda

Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) constitute a substantial fraction of vertebrate genomes, but how did they get there and why are the important? To find out, we chat to Dr Ravinder Kanda whose research focuses on the various evolutionary processes that shape genomes 

Glassblowing with Stephanie Preston

Stephanie Preston - SOG Glassblower

All of us at some stage in our careers have used scientific glassware – but how do those intricate and often beautiful shapes come to be? We spoke to scientific glassblower Stephanie Preston and learn it really is a hard as it looks…

Talking turbulence and climate change with Dr Paul Williams


New research indicates transatlantic airline passengers may soon be in for a bumpier ride according to research into the effects of climate change and turbulence.  But why might this be the case? We catch up with Dr Paul Williams, Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of…

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